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Forex is an international system for currency exchange between banks performed according to a particular norm. The currency market appeared in 1970 when the global economy switched to floating exchange rates from fixed ones. Forex differs from all other global markets, for example, from the securities market, by the fact that all trading processes are performed via computer terminals between banks and not on the trading floors. A large trading volume also distinguishes Forex from all other markets. The daily volume of trades varies from 1 to 3 trillion dollars. Meanwhile, the trade volume of the securities market is just $300 billion a day. What is more, trading on Forex is available 24 hours 5 days a week, while the securities market closes every day. Various time zones allow Forex to stay open around the clock.

A rebate is a discount that allows traders to save on brokerage commissions. Every day, we return a part of the spread to our clients.

A rebate comes from the commission you pay to your broker for every trade. Thanks to the InstaRebate service, you can refund a part of this commission (spread).

To join the program, you should have a live trading account registered with InstaForex with a minimum deposit on it.

Leverage allows traders to increase their funds to open trades of bigger volume. It is a coefficient of a possible loan that the company provides to its clients. Different brokers offer different leverage sizes. The most frequent leverage is 1:100 as well as 1:200 and 1:500. Using leverage, traders risk only their funds.

Not every company offers traders to return a part of the spread. InstaForex pays back part of your funds, offering the highest rebate level of 1.5 pips from each trade.

Regardless of the trading instrument, you will receive a rebate of 1.5 pips for every trade. However, you should remember that the price of the pip depends on the currency pair. To learn an exact pip price, use Forex calculator .
A rebate size for currency pairs equals 1.5 pips (1.2 pips for CFD on shares and 10 USD for 1 lot when trading CFDs on futures and GOLD).

Why do I need a rebate if I get profit from trading? Regardless of your experience, it is always good to get a rebate to your trading account. A rebate is a part of the commission that you still have to pay for a trade. So why should you miss a chance to return it for free?

Yes, you can. We credit a rebate to all account types. However, the rebate size is proportional to the size of the performed trade.

Yes, you will. As you open a buy or sell order, you will get a refund in accordance with the trade size.

The minimum amount for the wire transfer is not specified. All the expenses are paid by traders.

InstaForex can offer you various services in addition to the Rebate program. To learn more, contact us and we will be happy to help you with any issues you may have!

1 pip from every trade performed by a referral.

In this case, the company will pay back 1.5 pips for every trade performed by the partner and 1 pip for every closed trade carried out by a referral.

Yes, you can. All participants of the PAMM project will get a reward.

The rebate is credited according to a standard scheme that is 1.5 pips for every trade. However, you should take into account that owners of cent accounts deal with cent lots instead of InstaForex lots. Therefore, you will get 0.015 USD for every lot instead of 1.5 USD. In other words, the reward totals 1.5 cents for one lot.

You should register with the InstaRebate program using the following link.

No, in this case you will not receive a rebate. A rebate is credited only for trades that are closed with at least 1 pip of profit or loss.

Please, contact our support team Your intention to learn more will help you become more successful on Forex! InstaRebate managers will be happy to answer your questions.

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