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Forex has long become an income source for many people. Nowadays, there are more and more people aware that Forex is an international foreign exchange market where currencies are traded.

The daily trading volume on Forex makes up $3 trillion, while the trading volume in the securities market is only $300 billion. The currency market is open 24/5, so it can be called uninterrupted. People can trade on Forex whenever and wherever they want. Forex also provides some other advantages. For example, it is very easy to become a market participant. A minimum initial capital is several dollars.

A beneficial service, forex Rebate, is another advantage offered by the currency market. This service helps reduce spreads, a broker’s commission, and increase generated profits.

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What is Forex Rebate?

The rebate service returns you a part of a spread. You will receive cashback to your trading account regardless of a deal outcome. Trade in your usual manner and make extra profits from both winning and losing deals. The forex rebate service is absolutely free and brings in profits.

The rebate amount depends on the number of complete deals. The more deals are made, the higher rebate is.

What is Spread?

A spread is a brokerage commission that is a trader’s payment for the right to make deals. Sometimes it is called a tax or trading cost. There are two spread types: fixed and floating. The first one is stable and does not respond to price changes. A floating spread has no certain limits.

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Advantages of Forex Rebate

  • Rewards make up 1.5 pips of every complete deal, which is the highest payment among other similar projects
  • Rebate payments are fully automated. Spread refund is processed within 2 business days.
  • The service is very simply. All you need is register and reap profits

The Forex rebate system is free and is available only to InstaForex clients.

How to take part in Forex Rebate?

If you already have a trading account with InstaForex, you just need to contact the company’s Partner Relations Department.

The rebate service enjoys huge popularity among traders. Note that the partial spread return is offered mostly by large brokers, but not all of them provide high cashback.

Thousands of our clients have already taken advantage of Forex Rebate! Seize the chance and make profits even from losing deals!

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