Commission refund service

You just trade as usual
and receive additional income.


What is a Rebate service?

The Rebate service refers to a refund of a part of the spread.* You will get cashback to your trading account, no matter whether you have a winning or losing trade. You just trade as you usually do and get additional income. The service is provided for free and allows traders to make additional money. The amount of cashback depends on the number of transactions performed. The more trades you open, the bigger rebate you will get.

*A spread is a brokerage commission paid by traders for an opportunity to perform trades. It is also known as a tax or trading costs. There are two types of spreads: fixed and floating. Fixed spreads are stable despite changes in prices. Floating spreads may change considerably.

Calculate your reward


*1 market lot = 10 InstaForex lots

Rebate size, USD

$ 1.50

Advantages of
the Rebate service from InstaForex

The Forex Rebate system is free and available only to InstaForex clients.


A rebate totals 1.5 pips from every trade. It is the biggest rebate among similar offers.

Automated payments

The rebate process is fully automated. Funds are credited to your account within 2 working days.


The service is extremely easy to use. Just register and start getting income.

How to join the program?

If you already have an account with InstaForex,

Contact the company’s Affiliate Department.

Thousands of our clients have already appreciated the InstaRebate Service! Don’t miss your chance to get profit even in the case of losing trades!

The Rebate service is very popular among traders. Notably, mainly large brokerage companies provide the service of refunding part of the spread. However, not all of them offer generous spread discounts.

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