InstaRebate partnership program

Each client of InstaForex international online broker can become a partner of the InstaRebate service by attracting customers via an affiliate link.

In order to register with the InstaRebate partnership service, a client only needs to specify the number of his/her InstaForex trading account (not necessarily that of an InstaForex partner account). Shortly after it the client is given an affiliate link.

This affiliate link can be used by the client-partner while attracting additional customers to the InstaRebate service. Attracted customers are attached to the partner’s InstaForex account as his/her referrals.

The owner of the affiliate link receives a commission of 1 point from each trade made by the referred clients (at the same time his/her clients get 1.5-point rebates for their own trades).

Thus, a partner offers his/her clients to get rebates from their own trades; accordingly, more potential customers are likely to open accounts and start trading.

Anyway, it is the partner who decides whether it is more convenient to register with the InstaForex partnership program or rather the InstaRebate one.

On various InstaRebate banners are represented. You can use them to attract more clients.

A standard affiliate link is supposed to look like this:, where XXXXXXX is number of your account

Registration of a customer via the affiliate link is comprised of several steps:

  • following the affiliate link to the InstaRebate website
  • clicking on the link to the InstaForex website and opening a real trading account;
  • getting back to the InstaRebate website and registering the real trading account with the program.
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