InstaRebate - affiliate program

InstaForex clients are given the unique opportunity to become a partner of the InstaRebate program and earn extra income by means of referring new users. Clients are attracted through an individual affiliate link.

Want to become InstaRebate partner?

Register for the affiliate InstaRebate program. Make sure you specify the number of a trading account with InstaForex.

You will receive an affiliate link which should be used to refer new traders to InstaRebate.

A standard affiliate link is supposed to look like this:, where XXXXXXX is number of your account

How does it work?

You propagate an affiliate link, thus offering traders a reward for their trading with InstaForex. If a trader follows your link and opens an account with InstaForex, you will get a commission of 1 pip on every deal of a client referred by you. On the other hand, your clients will get a rebate of 1.5 pips from all their deals.

A client is registered for InstaRebate following an affiliate link.

A trader goes to the InstaRebate website, clicking on the link with an affiliate code.

Following any link on the InstaRebate website, your client enters the official InstaForex website and opens a trading account.

The next step is to registering for the InstaRebate system . Then, a client goes on with a trading routine and gets a reward.

Besides, the InstaRebate service recommends using promo banners on web resources and in blogs to grab traders’ attention.

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