Forex Rebate Program - Get Cashback from InstaRebate!

Forex is a global foreign exchange market where currencies are traded. Its daily turnover reaches $3 trillion, while the stock market turnover is just $300 billion. Stock trades open and close every day, while the forex market is open 24/5.

One of the crucial advantages of Forex is that everyone can enter it, with no limit. You just need to have few dollars in your pocket and know the basics of money management. There is an overwhelming number of trading strategies, but you need to test a lot more than one to become a successful trader. With the rolling out of rebate projects, it has become quite easier to boost the efficiency of deals on the forex market.

Get $ 1.5 per each insta-lot

Are you ready to join?

InstaRebate is a project allowing its participants to get real money for deals a trader makes on Forex using InstaForex trading platform. In other words, InstaForex customers do their regular trading and get a $15 dollar reward for every market lot ($1.5 for an InstaForex lot). It doesn’t matter how profitable a deal is – you get your bonus anyway.

The service of InstaRebate is available absolutely free of charge. What’s more, you will be paid for spreading information about it.

To take part in the project, you just need to register with it. Your forex trading is to become even more effective with InstaRebate! Having a live trading account with InstaForex is an important condition.

InstaRebate portal has been partnering InstaForex since 2008. During this time, thousands of traders around the world joined the project. Trade with InstaForex and get rebates from InstaRebate!

Your average monthly volume of trades is 22.4 standard lots. Once you register for our service, you will have 336 USD every month, not making ANY additional actions.
*1 market lot = 10 InstaForex lots

Register now You trade – we pay!
InstaRebate: You trade - we pay

What is InstaRebate?

InstaRebate is a system of partial funds repayment to traders for every trade they make. Participating in InstaRebate, you can reduce a spread or commission and boost your profits.

InstaForex gives you back your money!

Why choose InstaRebate?

a whopping 1.5 pip reward for every deal, regardless of profit amount. automatic crediting of rebates for every deal to your account. Using it is a breeze: just register and get a guaranteed profit from your trades.

How to join?

Open a trading
Register it with
the InstaRebate.
Trade on
Forex and get
1.5 pips a deal

If you already have a trading account with InstaForex, you just need to contact the company’s Partner Relations Department.