InstaRebate Customer Agreement

The InstaRebate Service here after referred to as the Service and the Client jointly referred to as the Parties have concluded this Client Agreement here in after referred to as the Agreement, as follows:

  1. General provisions
    1. The present Agreement sets out the conditions under which the Service undertakes to pay a part of the commission (spread) within the framework of the InstaRebate Service program.
    2. The main parties to this Agreement are the Service and the Client as a Service user.
    3. The Client agrees that he/she registers an account with the Service project with the aim of receiving the benefit described in this Agreement and not contradicting any of its clauses, as well as the rules of InstaForex.
    4. This Agreement does not have to be signed and is considered accepted after clicking the button, which is a form of consent and acceptance of the Agreement by the Client.
    5. This Agreementdefines the main terms of relationship between the Client and the Service, but does not limit them, in particularcases when InstaForex regulations are violated.
  2. Principles of Service’s Operation
    1. Clients register with the program of the InstaRebate Service by entering the number of a live account opened with InstaForex via the InstaRebate affiliate link into the registration form on the website. After successful registration, the Service undertakes to pay the Client a rebate fee in the following amounts:
      -for all currency pairs it equals 1.5*trade size in lots*point price;
      -for stock indices it equals 3*trade size in lots*point price;
      -for crypto it equals $1.2 per lot;
      -for CFDs on shares it equals $1.2 per lot;
      -for futures it equals $10 per lot;
      -for metals it equals 20 points per lot*point price
    2. Rebate payments are credited to cent accounts in proportion to a trade executed in the amount of 1.5 points per 1 InstaForex cent lot.
    3. The Service reserves the right to cancel rebate payments to the Client received from transactions carried out in violation of any of the agreements of the InstaFintech Group of Companies. Such Clients can be excluded from further participation in the Service program.
    4. The refund of a part of the commission (spread) is a joint action of InstaForex and the Service with a view to attracting would-be users of the company's services. The Client agrees that the Service reserves the right to cancel this accrual in full on condition there is direct or indirect evidence that the Client abuses strategies aimed to make profit through rebate accruals, including, but not limited to, cases where trading on a Client’s account is part of one common strategy with apartner account, as well as in case the Client violates terms of any of the Company agreements.
    5. The Service has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally in case the Client violates or does not comply with the terms of this Agreement.
    6. If the total rebate payments exceed 60% of the amount deposited by this Client (i.e. if the payments exceed 600 dollars for a Client’s account with a deposit of $1,000), the amount of payments may be adjusted at the discretion of the Company to a level notexceeding 60% of the total deposit made by the Client.
  3. Resolution of Disputes
    1. The Client has the right to submit a claim to the Service if a dispute arises. Claims are accepted within five (5) working days from the moment when the Client encounters such problems and finds it appropriate to lodge a claim.
    2. The claim must be made either in the form of a letter on paper to the postal address of the Service or in the form of an email and sent to the official email addresses specified on the website of the Service. Claims submitted in a different format (on the forum, by phone, etc.) will not be accepted for consideration.
    3. The claim must contain the following:
      -the Client’s name and surname;
      - description of a disputable situation in essence;
      - other information that contributes to the resolution of the situation.

      The claim should not contain:
      - an emotional assessment of the disputable situation;
      - insulting statements about the Service or its employees;
      - threats against the Service or its employees;
      - and offensive language.
    4. The Service has the right to request from the Client any additional information necessary to make a decision on a disputable situation.
    5. The Service has the right to refuse to consider the claim in the following cases:
      – if the claim does not meet the conditions of clauses 3.2, 3.3, 3.4;
      – if the claim had been announced on forums, social networks and other community resources before the Service dealt with it and the probe into allegations was completed.
    6. The responsibilities of the Service include consideration of the Client's claim,making a decision on a disputable situation as soon as possible, and reporting it to the Client by email. A claim shall be scrutinized in ten (10) working days at most from the date of its receipt.
    7. All disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations between the Service and the Clientthrough an amicable way avoiding any insulting statements, threat, duress and other unnecessary actions that will endanger the reputation and goodwill of the Service.
  4. Final Provisions
    1. This Agreement shall enter into force from the moment it is signed by both Parties.
    2. The term of the Agreement is twelve (12) months from the date of signing this Agreement.
    3. If the terms of this Agreement are met, the latter is considered extended for an indefinite period, unless otherwise terminated for a valid and reasonable grounds provided in this Agreement.
    4. The terms of this Agreement may be amended or supplemented by the Service unilaterally with a prior notice of five (5) calendardays.

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