InstaRebate Customer Agreement

The present InstaRebate Customer Agreement (further referred to as "the Agreement") is made by and between the InstaRebate service (referred to as "the Service") and the Customer, or collectively referred to as "the Parties", who agree as follows:

1. General Provisions

1.1 The present Agreement determines the provisions under which the Service pays the Customer a rebate (a part of a spread) within the InstaRebate project.
1.2 The Service and the Customer are the principal parties to this Agreement.
1.3 The Customer agrees to register an account with the Service for the purpose of obtaining benefits set forth herein and non-contradicting to any provisions hereof and/or InstaForex Group’s regulations.
1.4 The present Agreement requires no further signing and is deemed effective after “I accept” button has been clicked.
1.5 General provisions of the relationship between the Parties are established but not limited by this Agreement, in particular, in the event of a violation of InstaForex Group’s regulations.

2. Service Guidelines

2.1 To register InstaForex live account with the Service, the Customer shall follow InstaRebate referral link and complete a registration form at by entering the account number. After the successful registration, the Service shall rebate the Customer 1.5 point on each trade executed by the Customer.
   * rebate is credited for trades with at least 1 pip profit or loss.
   * pago rebate para operar en pares de divisas es igual a 1.5 pips, CFDs en acciones - 1.2 pips, ORO y CFDs en futuros - 10 USD por 1 lote, 2% del valor de la opción.
2.2 For cent accounts, a rebate shall be paid on each executed trade in the following proportion: 1.5 point per 1 InstaForex cent lot.
2.3 If the Service discovers that any trade executed by the Customer is contrary to basic principles of any agreements of InstaForex Group, the Service reserves the right to deny the Customer a rebate and exclude the Customer from the Service.
2.4 La devolución de parte de la comisión (spread) es una promoción conjunta de InstaForex y el Servicio, cuyo objetivo es atraer nuevos usuarios de los servicios de la compañía. El Cliente está de acuerdo que en caso de detectarse indicios directos o indirectos del uso de estrategias orientadas a obtener beneficios con los pagos de rebate, incluyendo, mas sin limitarse a casos específicos, cuando las operaciones en la cuenta del cliente son parte de una estrategia común con la cuenta del afiliado; asimismo, si el Cliente incumple cualquiera de los términos de los Acuerdos de la Compañía, el Servicio se reserva el derecho de cancelar los pagos de rebate en su totalidad.
2.5 In case the Customer has violated or neglected any provisions set forth herein, the Service shall have the right to unilaterally cancel the present Agreement.

3. Dispute Resolution

3.1 In the event of a dispute, the Customer shall have the right to make a claim against the Service. A claim shall be made within five working days after grounds for the claim have arisen.
3.2 A claim must be made in writing and either sent physically to the Service’s mail address, or submitted in electronic format to official email addresses posted on the Service’s website. No claims in other formats (including, without limitations, telephone claims and claims on web forums) shall be accepted.
3.3 A claim must include the following information:
- Customer’s full name;
- subject matter of a dispute;
- and other relevant information.
A claim must not include:
- affective evaluation of a dispute;
- offensive language against the Service and/or Service’s staff members;
- threats against the Service and/or Service’s staff members;
- or abusive language.
3.4 The Service shall have the right to request any information necessary to render a decision to be provided by the Customer.
3.5 The Service shall have the right to deny a claim if:
– the claim does not meet provisions set forth in the Paragraphs 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 of this Agreement.
– the claim has been published on web forums, social networks and other community recourses before it has been considered by the Service and a decision has been rendered.
3.6 The Service shall consider a Customer’s claim and take a decision on a dispute as soon as possible thereafter, and inform the Customer about the decision in electronic format (by email). A claim shall be considered within ten working days after it has been received.
3.7 In the event of a dispute between the Parties arising over this Agreement, the Parties shall first endeavour to settle it amicably.

4. Final Provisions

4.1 This Agreement is effective after being signed by both Parties.
4.2 This Agreement shall remain in effect for twelve months as of the date of signature.
4.3 Subject to proper implementation of all provisions hereof, the Agreement shall be extended indefinitely.
4.4 The Company may unilaterally amend or supplement the terms and conditions hereof with a five day prior notice.